About Us

East Ridgelawn Cemetery has served over 50,000 families with care, dignity and compassion since its founding in 1905. We are a full-service cemetery providing in-ground burial, mausoleum entombment and cremation service. East Ridgelawn Cemetery has a crematory on-site. Families can utilize the mausoleum chapel for their cremation service. East Ridgelawn Cemetery is in compliance with all the statues that provide for the safety and the rights of lot owners, as well as the permanent and ongoing management of the cemetery.

The lands acquired by the Cemetery are to be disposed of and used exclusively for the burial of dead. Such lands are forever exempt from assessments and public taxes, and also from liability to be sold on execution, or for payment of debts due by any individual proprietor.

Size and Location

East Ridgelawn Cemetery covers 135 acres located between Passaic and Main Avenues at Clifton, New Jersey, (Delawanna) with Passaic at the north and Nutley at the south. The land varies from 35 to 200 feet above the mean water level of the nearest streams, affording perfect natural drainage. Within a radius of a few miles are situated Newark, Belleville, Bloomfield, Montclair, The Oranges, Rutherford, Hoboken and Jersey City. New York is within ten miles.

Accessibility and Transportation

New Jersey Transit buses, run past the main entrance, along the entire east front of the Cemetery. The Erie Railroad (Passaic Park Station) at the north, and Lakawanna Railroad (Delawanna Station) at the east, are both within a few blocks of the main entrance.

Perpetual Care

To insure perpetual care, a definite sum per square foot of ground sold is set aside and deposited in a Trust Fund with the Valley National Bank, which acts as Trustee.

Lots and Plots

The Cemetery has plots of any required size from two graves up, priced according to size and location.
Single graves may be purchased in sections of the Cemetery set aside for the purpose of single interments.


On request, one of our representatives will call upon you at your office or residence. Transportation, free of charge, will be provided if desired.