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Ever since the time of the Pharaohs, above ground interment in tombs and mausoleums has been the burial method of choice for those who preferred something other than earth burial.

The Ridgelawn Mausoleum is located on an elevation facing the east with it’s rising sun, overlooking well kept lawns and drives.


The building was designed by one of the leading architects of the country. Its exterior is of beautiful granite with handsome doors of enduring bronze. The interior walls, fittings and floors are of polished white marble.

A new and more modern mausoleum has been built at East Ridgelawn Cemetery (seen above). The new mausoleum is a state of the art, heated and cooled building. Highlights of the building are an interior with Perlato Sicilian marble and an exterior of Sardinian Pink Granite. The new mausoleum has 504 Crypts including 252 inside crypts and 252 outside crypts (Columbariums). There are also glass niches in the rear corridor for cremated remains.

For more information or to purchase in the mausoleum, call the cemetery office at (973)777-1920.

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