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East Ridgelawn Cemetery and Menorah offer graves for purchase through out the cemetery. Different sections have different specifications. Please see below and if anything needs to be clarified, we are available to answer all your questions via phone (973-777-1920) or email (

M-F 9 AM - 3:30 PM. 

*Most of Menorah cemetery is owned by individual temples or societies. If you would like to purchase graves in sections owned by East Ridgelawn/Menorah outside of above mentioned society yards, the price is $3,000.00 per grave.

What is the difference between "regular depth" and "extra depth"?

Regular depth means a grave will be used for one interment. $2,100.00

Extra depth means a grave will be used for two interments. $2,300.00

Unfortunately, not all of our cemetery is able to be used for extra depth burials.

If you are looking for one grave to be used for two interments, please specify this when communicating with us. All graves in Menorah are regular depth.

Do you require vaults?

Most of the cemetery requires vaults to be used. We have a few sections that only a metal casket is required. Please specify which you are looking for when communicating with us. A vault is a concrete container that a casket goes inside of. These are purchased through the funeral home, not the cemetery. Menorah does not require vaults.

Single graves: the standard size of a grave is 3 ft x 9 ft, so when you purchase a single grave, you are only purchasing that 3x9 plot of land. Most sections are $3,000.00.

Buying multiple graves: 2 graves costs $6,000.00 ($3,000.00 x2), 3 graves cost $9,000.00 ($3,000.00 x3), and so on. 

There is financing available on purchases of 3 or more graves. 

Monuments/Markers: Each section has its own specifications on what types of markers and monuments are allowed. Please clarify with us prior to purchasing property. 

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